Thomas E. Gazda is the founder and principal of TEG Consulting Associates. He has 25 years of experience in product development, technology and business consulting and applied science problem solving. He utilizes a hands-on, results oriented approach to addressing technical problems, developing new products, and improving manufacturing processes by utilizing a stand-back, fresh view methodology. Combining technical expertise, market research and assessment, and effective project planning, he helps organizations to fix product and process problems, improve product quality, identify new product and market opportunities, and to make decisions on expanding production lines.


With a focus in the product stages from development through scale-up to production, he uses applied science to solve product performance, quality, and process-related problems in manufacturing. These solutions result in many opportunities to improve products and reduce costs, directly impacting profitability of the client's operations. Examples of such assignments include material and chemical interactions, raw material or product quality issues, processing incompatibilities and defect analysis. He also works in the interface between technology and market issues to assist companies in decision making related to new product development efforts, product line expansions, and competitive market assessments. These efforts aid in the selection of market opportunities that offer the best combination of fit, value and attractiveness, thereby increasing the chances for creation of successful new products and markets.


In his career, he has worked for clients in a variety of industries and government agencies, including packaging,  printing, printing consumables, and printing equipment manufacturers and suppliers. He also has extensive experience in working with the secure document industry, including suppliers of identification cards, drivers' licenses, credit cards, checks, certificates, lottery tickets, and currency.


Mr. Gazda holds a BA in Chemistry from St. Anselm College and an MS in Chemistry from University of Massachusetts at Lowell. He has held Staff Scientist, Senior Consultant, and Manager positions at Arthur D. Little, Inc., as well as QC/QA and Staff Chemist positions at Nashua Corporation. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Society of Imaging Science and Technology, and the Merrimack Valley Venture Forum. He is also a graduate of The Commonwealth Corporation's Entrepreneurial Training Program, which provides training in the major aspects of starting and operating a small company.




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