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TEG Consulting Associates provides technical and business strategy consulting services to manufacturers. We help you successfully address the challenges that arise during transition from new product development through all stages of production, including:


  • raw materials, chemicals and packaging,
  • supplier selection and qualification,
  • formulation development and reengineering,
  • scale-up to production,
  • manufacturing equipment selection and process implementation, and
  • quality control.


We also bring technical expertise to assist clients in assessing market and strategy issues in order to:


  • develop a clear long-term vision for their organization,
  • identify sound market opportunities, and
  • effectively develop new products to capitalize on those opportunities.


Our areas of expertise include the printing, imaging, packaging, and coating industries. Additionally, we conduct assignments involving identification, secure document technology, information and data security, and bar code and RFID tracking. We also assist clients in the application of these technologies in broader product markets such as consumer, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and distribution.





To help our clients achieve greater success, respect and profitability by assisting in product development, solving manufacturing problems, improving products, improving processes, and supporting prudent business decisions.


  • We use creative and sound problem solving techniques to ensure that our clients consistently produce goods and services that meet market needs and exceed quality expectations efficiently and profitably.
  • We serve our clients with a prompt response and additional qualified resources when we see they are needed.
  • We protect client confidentiality and intellectual property and conduct assignments professionally with high ethical and moral standards and care for our client's interests.



Partners and Affiliates


In addition to the services we provide, TEG Consulting Associates maintains affiliations with many other consulting organizations, independent consultants, and professional groups. These alliances enable us to bring together highly qualified and experienced people and teams capable of addressing your needs. In certain instances we will also refer specific needs to the most qualified organizations and consultants when it is in your best interest.


Working with us gives you the distinct advantage of retaining highly experienced and skilled teams focused on addressing your specific problems and needs without supporting the staff and organizational overhead of large consulting organizations.






TEG Consulting Associates

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